Sexual harassment and violence in the workplace – explained in infographics

Aug 24, 2016

Sexual harassment and violence in the workplace often lead to very serious consequences for the victims. Two infographics show key data on these issues, explaining the concepts and highlighting the need to take these issues very seriously. Have a look and spread the ...

A fond farewell to the Manage Stress campaign

Dec 01, 2015

The Healthy Workplaces Campaign is wrapping up nearly two years of promoting the importance of managing psychosocial risks and stress in workplaces across Europe. Over this time much has been done to raise awareness, thanks in a large part to the dedicated efforts of more ...

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12th International Conference "Work, Stress and Health 2017: Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities"




Location: Minnesota

APA-NIOSH (American Psychological Association, National Institute for Occupational Safety and The Health and the Society for Occupational Health Psychology)

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